Discover Your Magic is a programme that awakens and aligns you to a life filled with infinite potential and a feeling of greater fulfilment.  It’s a self-development programme that uses vibrational medicine and creative tools to activate powerful, positive and lasting change. I believe that when we create the right environment, magic will happen.

Discover Your Magic is for those who are ready to create harmony within themselves and within their spaces, so that everyone can thrive. It’s a programme that can work for anyone who has an open heart and a desire to learn. I often support those who are creative, sensitive, holistic, who may care for our highly sensitive children and those with additional needs.

You can work with me in a variety of ways.

One-day Creative Feng Shui Workshops* cost £45pp at the Koorana Centre (please note the fees at other venues may differ) to include all notes and materials. These provide a fabulous and fun introduction to energising the main areas of your life and your home and provide some beautiful rituals and cures you can confidently use. You will make new friends and create a lovely piece of artwork to take home. Each workshop focusses on one of the main ‘Guas’ to cover Career/Life Purpose, Self-Development, Health, Wealth/Abundance, Fame/Reputation, Romance/Relationship, Children/Creativity, Travel/Helpful People and Personal Identity. See listing for Creative Feng Shui Workshops for information on each of the nine one-day experiences.

My two-day Energy Harmonisation Workshop costs £297 (please note the fees at other venues may differ). It provides similar content to the nine one-day Feng Shui workshops, with just a couple of creative exercises. It includes a session of Energy Harmonisation for yourself or for your space, before and after the workshop.

Energy Harmonisation will help you to:

  • release blocks, negative conditioning and energetic attachments
  • harmonise your home
  • grow in self-awareness, confidence and clarity
  • enjoy greater health and vitality
  • raise your vibration, enhance your intuition and provide access to the inner resources you need
  • create happier and healthier relationships
  • become more spiritually conscious and connect with spiritual guidance in ways that are safe, protected and grounded
  • find freedom and fulfilment in your work and life purpose
  • live a life of greater harmony that is rich in creativity, authenticity and joy

Here are a few testimonials I have received from students:

‘Thank you for giving me this new perspective on myself and life – I genuinely feel more connected to myself and my surroundings!’ 

“I really do feel like a different person since you did the session with me. It was life changing. It was a wonderful experience and I wanted to thank you most sincerely for getting to the heart of the matter so quickly and making a space for the change to be so effortless. I can’t thank you enough. I have really enjoyed adjusting to this lighter way of being.”

“I want to express my gratitude to you for the last few weeks. From meeting you initially you ignited a spark in me that’s been like a missing piece of my jigsaw, a void that I didn’t know was even there. A connection to a sensitive part of me that was longing to be acknowledged yet was hidden. Your approach to helping sensitives is unique; a true blessing that is absent from our everyday world.  I look forward to watching with wonder as you weave your own special alchemy around us all over the coming years. Thank you from the depths of my heart for your kindness, guidance, teachings and compassion.”

In my Retreats you will immerse yourself in three or five full days of learning, discovering the tools you need to really awaken and align, and create pieces of artwork to energise yourself and your home.

I also provide Feng Shui consultations, please contact me for further details.

As a professional mentor and facilitator, I’m fully insured and also accredited by ABRATH and the BCMA.

To find out more please email Visit my website or Facebook page @gabrielleanyarafellodotcom

“Gabrielle is a such a rare being, and I say that after a lifetime of meeting people involved in self-development work. She combines a deep psychic sensitivity with an extraordinary gift, an unusual dedication to those fortunate to come under her care. All of this combined with a pinpoint insight, which you know comes from a genuine concern, means she has held you in mind, even days after you have met. I would recommend Gabrielle to any individual who is looking for support and encouragement to develop the gifts they have.”

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