16 February 10am-12.30pm. Dru yoga is a gentle, but powerful way to relieve stress, build inner strength, and condition your body. Known as the “yoga of the heart”, it works to rebalance your emotions as it exercises and energises your muscles. Based on gentle, flowing movements and controlled breathing, Dru yoga suits any age or fitness level.

About the workshop
In the words of Carl Jung “your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart, who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes.”
Join Anita Sebre-Ward for a workshop of Dru yoga, relaxation and meditation to strengthen the connection with your heart. You will learn the sequences and postures that work on the heart area – in particular, the Anahata and the Hrit chakras – these are the secret of your inner light and intuition. This workshop will bring you a sense of joy and wellbeing, returning you to a place of stillness – an inner sanctuary.
Tickets are £20 p/p.

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