Here is a list of ‘Events’ held at the Koorana Centre and activities run by guest teachers.  It includes talks, group sessions and activities open to members of the public. 

You may also like to visit our ‘Workshops’ page for regular workshops and group sessions run by members of the Koorana Centre whose details can be found on the ‘about us’ page. 

If you have any questions please email

Vitality Day (open day) 8 September ‘Bring Nature In’ 11am-4pm

Cacao Ceremony with Ricardo 8 September 7-9pm

Crystal Healing Level One with Philip 6/7 October 10am-5pm

Connecting Elements (Creativity and Shamanism) with Ali 14 October 10am-4pm



Cacao Ceremony

Join us at 7pm on Saturday 8 September for a beautiful, relaxing and uplifting Cacao Ceremony with Ricardo. Please reserve your place in advance by emailing the...

Bring Nature In

Our next Vitality Day will take place on Saturday 8 September 2018 11am-4pm, the programme can be found below. Entry to the hall is £2pp (children free), there are limited spaces left at the talks, please arrive early to book these.  Programme for Vitality Day 8...

Live Well Programme

Scroll down for list of dates and themes for each event. Live Well is a programme for those experiencing long-term health conditions. Are you experiencing treatment for cancer, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes? Would you like to come along to an uplifting...

Creativity Days

Scroll down for list of dates. Come along to the centre to learn a new creative skill and make new friends at the regular creativity days. These workshops are held regularly from 11am-3pm, generally on Sundays. Those marked with * are free for Friends and Members and...

Annual Friends’ Day

Next date Spring 2019 11am-3pm. A wonderful opportunity for Friends to meet, enjoy talks, a delicious light lunch and take home a variety of treats. This event is free for Friends and Members. Please email the centre to book...

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