Quantum Psionics sessions are provided by Gabrielle Anya Rafello.

Quantum Psionics is a highly advanced vibrational healing tool, which enables individuals to move beyond blocks with health and wellbeing and enjoy greater harmony and balance on every level.

It aims to put our lives back in Divine Order, according to the Laws of Love, helping us to co-create our lives.

Quantum Radionics will help you:

  • Resolve major health issues and low energy
  • Release toxicity in the body
  • Remove blockages, negative conditioning and energetic attachments
  • Grow in self-awareness and enhance your intuitive abilities
  • Create happier and healthier relationships
  • Enjoy greater vitality

How does it work?

Using the Quantum Psionics Table, this powerful healing modality operates in a quantum frequency; helping to promote balance and well being at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The QPT (Quantum Psionics Table) is a plate with Sacred Geometry symbols and other healing tools encoded within it, which operates like a cosmic GPS or highly advanced ‘mind-operated computer’, whereby different healing frequencies are sent using Radiesthesia, with amazing and quick results. Sessions, which typically last for 2 hours, can be provided in person or via Skype.

What happens in a healing session?

After an initial assessment, a specific healing intent is requested by the client and the practitioner uses a pendulum to initiate specific healing tools held within the table which connect to the 24 Divine Rays, Alignment with Divine Consciousness, Spiritual Guides, Trine Flame, Flower Remedies, Quantum Time Leaps, Multidimensional Realities, Archangel Michael, Sacred Geometry Symbols and a further 24 healing therapies and treatments.

Each chosen tool is then activated on the different portals, generating high vibrational frequencies, which are sent to the Higher Self of the client, bringing healing, balance and harmony according to the Highest Good of all.  At the end of the session, there’s always a deep sense of peace, soul alignment, clarity and relaxation. Quantum Radionics is based on principles of Radiesthesia, Psionics, Radionics, Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, NLP, Metaphysics and Healing and was developed in Brazil by a famous healer and teacher, Régia Prado in 2012.

It is used to assist each client on their inner journey, helping to access more and more of their own Divine Light, removing all obstacles and any limitations that may be preventing them from living their lives more fully.

It helps each client to connect with their Divine Presence, in order to awaken their co-creation abilities, to learn to grow through Love (not through fear or pain), to raise individual consciousness and to support the global evolution of human consciousness, for the highest good of all.

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