Gabrielle Anya Rafello

Gabrielle is the founder and director of the Koorana Centre. She facilitates a variety of highly effective personal development programmes and as a writer, mentor and facilitator has worked with a large number of clients and students over the last 13 years.

Gabrielle uses vibrational medicine to facilitate positive changes within people and spaces, following a carefully chosen set of intentions. Many of her clients and students refer to this as magic and you can read some of the glowing testimonials they provided on her website She's in the process of creating a new programme ‘Discover Your Magic’ to share many of the tools and resources she uses. This will be available online and in person from early 2019.

Gabrielle is passionate about creating spaces where the new generation of children and young people can thrive. They’re here to revolutionise the way we relate to the world around us. Her programme will be made available to those aged 18-24 and to those who support the younger ones. She often finds herself working directly with parents, carers and teachers who feel very protective of the sensitive souls coming in and want to nurture and support them during those early years. She mentors many individuals who care for children and adults who are highly sensitive and may have additional needs.

As a professional mentor and facilitator she is fully insured and also accredited by ABRATH and the BCMA.

To enquire about individual and group sessions with Gabrielle, please telephone +44 (0)791 372 4183, email or visit her website She is happy to provide a free 20 minute discovery call to anyone who would like to find out more.

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