Angel Card Readings and Spiritual Healing

A private session with Anna is a unique opportunity to receive personal guidance, support and energetic healing from the Angels and the Divine Feminine.

These 1 hour sessions are conducted in-person at The Koorana Centre (or via phone and Zoom)

What can you expect during a private intuitive session?

As an Angel Therapist®, Theta Healing Practitioner® and Spiritual Mentor with over 10 years experience, Anna uses a combination of skills to answer your questions, give you clarity, and support you with all aspects of life.

Your time together can include card reading, channelled guidance, energetic healing and balancing.

Is a private session for you?

Every session is always offered from Anna’s heart with the intention of reconnecting you to yours, and to the love and guidance that is ever-present within and around you.

You will benefit most from a session if you are willing to listen, prepared to reflect on the guidance given and ready to make changes that support your growth.

While Anna does use her psychic skills and receive messages that are specific and personal to you, a session is not solely based on predictions.

This can be a part of a reading, but the emphasis is to empower you in your own life, to be your guide as you release your fears and old stories; discover deeper peace, clarity, self-acceptance and freedom and awaken you to the beautiful truth of who you are: a Divine being having a human experience who is here to embrace it all.

It is Anna’s intention for her work to guide, support, uplift, inspire and liberate you and her honour to hold and safe and loving space for your transformation.

Please contact Anna Grace Taylor by email [email protected]

Telephone 01444 441774 

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