Every single one of us has Guardian Angels, waiting for us to ask them for help with anything that will bring us peace. They are unconditionally loving beings, whose messages are always comforting, reassuring and non – judgmental.

In an Angel Reading, Anna Grace Taylor can communicate with them and the Angelic Realm to:

  Connect you with their loving energy

  Answer your questions and offer guidance in all areas of your life

  Give you clarity and support through changes and challenges

  Help you feel uplifted and empowered

Each session is unique according to your needs but will include intuitive and channelled messages specific to you. That may also include using Angel Cards, Energy Healing & Clearing and Affirmations to support you.

Anna is also a Theta Healer and will often use this healing technique in a session as well  as the heart opening energy boosts from the Divine Feminine group of beings that work through her. Please refer to Anna’s Theta Healing page also https://www.thekooranacentre.com/theta-healing/

Please contact Anna Grace Taylor by email [email protected]

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