Bleau Shanay Hudson qualified with The Healing Trust (NFSH – National Federation of Spiritual Healers) in August 2018 after 2 years of study. Bleau has a passion for healing and the positive effects it has on people and animals. Based on the edge of the Ashdown Forest in West Sussex and living in this area all of her life, Bleau has always had a deep connection to nature with a passion for trees since a child. Through nature and the synchronicity of life, Bleau found her spiritual path at a very young age. This expanded throughout her teenage years and 20s and has led her to feeling passionate about holistic and healing matters. Bleau has worked for the National Trust, a conservation charity for over 10 years.

Within her work Bleau manages and supports over 500 volunteers at her property and is a very kind and empathetic person. Bleau is very creative too and has been painting and showcasing her work since the age of 18. With Bleau’s spiritual journey evolving and becoming more interested in complementary therapies, Bleau felt a strong urge to begin a course in spiritual healing with The Healing Trust in 2016. An interest in this subject has now led to Bleau feeling incredibly passionate about healing and now recently qualified, Bleau wishes to dedicate her life to healing alongside her other work.

Bleau has a deep passion for animals and horses and is training with renowned animal and equine healer, Margrit Coates. Bleau also is working closely with the Patron of The Healing Trust and Britain’s leading healer, Matthew Manning and is one of his recommended healers on his healing hub website.

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or phone 07522 064891