Blue Moon – Shakti Dance & Sacred Breath Workshop

31 October 2020 10am-1pm 

Blue Moon – Shakti Dance & Sacred Breath Workshop (for Women) led by Nichola Moore.

Investment – £35

Nichola is thrilled to be collaborating with Shakti Dance facilitator, Lydia Baksh for a morning of nourishment, in which we will take a deep, somatic dive into the heart of our creativity through SACRED SHAKTI DANCE, SONG and BREATHWORK! 

This journey is designed to cultivate an awakening of your feminine essence… as we connect with the Divine that lives within.

We will start the morning with Shakti Dance, which uses flowing, rhythmic movements to harmonise body, mind and spirit… as well as harnessing the healing power of the voice through sacred mantra and sound. Then after a short intention setting process, to stir the cauldron of our souls, we will then discover the many benefits that conscious, controlled breathing offers. During the session, you will be guided to use a simple connected breathing technique, which accesses the innate intelligence of your body to release any blocks on the physical, energetic, emotional and mental level. 

This is a particularly auspicious time, with it being a rare Blue Moon! A blue moon is believed to bring clarity and uplift our intentions!

It is also a very potent time with it being Halloween, also know as Samhain in the Celtic Calendar, which marked the end of the harvest for our ancestors, as well as a time for the honouring of those who had passed.  

During our journey we will also explore: 

  • What it is we have harvested over the year
  • What it is we wish to let fall away
  • What we desire to take with us into wintery months

 Come join us for this unique opportunity!

Book asap by messaging Nichola on 07773 764714 or email [email protected].

NICHOLA MOORE is a Clarity Breathwork practitioner and facilitator, an IIN Health and Nutrition Coach & a Reiki practitioner, who is deeply passionate about inspiring and supporting others to embrace life’s challenges, to love themselves better and live their best life. 

To find out more about Nichola:

LYDIA BAKSH is an acclaimed mantric musician and a passionate teacher of Shakti Dance. She is devoted to creating a healing space, where one can fully relax into their truth, realise their gifts and embrace all aspects of themselves. 

To find out more about Lydia:

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