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Energy Harmonisation is a highly effective system of pendulum dowsing that will help you to let go of stress, and improve your health and well-being. It’s offered by professional teacher and mentor Gabrielle Anya Rafello online.

You can begin to discover how to let go of uncomfortable emotions and transform your experiences, through a FREE 2-hour introductory training class held on Zoom.

This ‘Pendulum Dowsing for Healing and Transformation’ class includes:

  • A short introduction about colour therapy.
  • A simple guided relaxation/meditation.
  • A copy of the Rainbow Colour Board with instructions on how to carry out a treatment using your pendulum.

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This class is suitable for complete beginners through to those with some experience, young people aged 12+ through to adults.

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Gentle Hatha Yoga with Madeline

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Madeline Best runs a Wednesday evening Gentle Hatha Yoga class, suited to all levels, including beginners.

Madeline is a British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Teacher who believes passionately that the benefits of regular yoga practice should be experienced by all. She says ” You don’t have to be a ‘Bendy Betty’ or a ‘Flexible Fred’! If you feel a little intimidated about joining a yoga class for the first time, give it a go and treat your mind and body to something truly joyful. My yoga classes are not ‘keep fit’; I will introduce you to a gentle, simple Hatha Yoga practice with an emphasis on being kind to yourself, including calming meditative breathing techniques; an introduction to basic yoga postures and deep nurturing relaxation.”

Madeline can be contacted by email : [email protected] or on mobile: 07949 698467

Weekly classes are 90 minutes in length and cost £10 drop in or blocks of 4 classes for £32 (payable in advance and to be used within a 6-week period).