Next date online starting July 2020

Learn a simple yet powerful system of vibrational medicine that combines dowsing, crystals and healing to lift the energetic frequencies for yourself, friends and family and the spaces you live and work in. Enjoy greater freedom and the ability to choose healthy and harmonious experiences.

Each of the three levels is for those who are ready to create harmony within themselves and within their spaces. Each level is taught over three days. It can work for anyone who has an open heart and desire to learn. I often support those who are creative, sensitive, holistic and who care for sensitive children and those with additional needs. 

“The dowsing activities were exciting yet focused, providing really interesting, amazing and thought provoking results. The energy generated was wonderful, so too the feeling of inner peace. Thank you Gabrielle for opening up a new world!” Holly and Caroline.

Energy Harmonisation Level One Workshop
The Rainbow Board sends colour therapy healing frequencies

At Level One you will learn how to:
Manage your energy, sensitivity and emotions
Release anxiety and negativity
Feel greater relaxation and peace
Enjoy better sleep
Improve frequencies for yourself, your friends and family
Connect to your creativity
Create positive relationships and understand the agreements
you have in place with others
Connect to your guidance and make decisions that truly serve you

The Relationship Board helps to harmonise relationships with others
The Relationship Board helps to harmonise relationships with others

Level two focuses on distant healing, working specifically to support the needs of children, young people and animals, and developing a more magical connection with nature. Participants must have attended a Level One Workshop.

Level three concentrates on amplifying your intentions to co-create your experiences and helping yourself and others through major life transitions. Participants must have attended Level One and Level Two Workshops.

“I left feeling so empowered to carry out treatments on myself,my husband and so much more. It all feels life changing to me. An essential tool for anyone really committed to raising their vibration to the 5th dimension and beyond!” Rosemary

This programme is ideal for
Parents, teachers and carers
Individuals who need support in managing their own sensitivity or require
tools to support the sensitivity of others
Holistic therapists and facilitators of health and well-being programmes
Individuals and groups who look after health and well-being ‘spaces’ where the energies need to be improved

Some interest and prior experience of energy healing work is necessary.

Energy Harmonisation will help anyone with a desire to know and develop themselves. It helps practitioners release any unhelpful patterns that stand in the way of enjoying more positive and fulfilling experiences. It’s perfect for those who are sensitive and wish to find ways to stay in balance. As a programme that was designed for parents, carers and teachers, it’s highly supportive for those who care for others within any home, school or workplace environment.

“Energy Harmonisation is the most incredible healing system I have learnt. By contacting the energy vibration that exists around us all, you can heal yourself your relationships and your homes.” Karen.

The investment is £297 for each 3-day workshop to include electronic copies of notes for you to print out prior to each workshop, your boards and crystals. You will need to bring a pendulum, your lunches each day and a notebook and pen. Accommodation is extra.

Email [email protected] to reserve your place. The workshop takes place at the Koorana Centre, Ardingly RH17 6UB. 10am-5pm each day.