Gong Baths

Allan’s journey into sound healing began in 2015 when he was looking for holistic ways to deal with some health issues and attended a local gong bath. From this interest he realised that becoming a sound therapist was the new direction he had been looking for. In 2017 he qualified as a Gong Practitioner after studying with Gong Master, Sheila Whittaker and the College of Sound Healing and Good Vibrations Sound Therapy was born.

Allan facilitates group and 1-2-1 sound baths, and also collaboration events with other wellness practitioners, bringing a sense of peace and deep relaxation in this busy world we live in. Sound therapy promotes a natural state of wellbeing as vibration and sound waves work to reset the mind, body and spirit back to their natural state.  He’s continually learning about the healing powers of sound and his collection of gongs and healing instruments continues to grow. 

To contact Allan please email [email protected].

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