A Workshop on Healing the Mother Wound

MOTHER  – A 2 Day Workshop on Healing the Mother Wound

The Co Founders of The Bridge Retreat Gabi Krueger and Donna Lancaster are excited to be offering this two day (non residential) workshop for those of you wanting to work on (or continue to work on), healing your mother wound. 

“We all had a mother, stepmother, grandmother, aunt or older sister who helped shape us into the women and men that we are today. The fact is that no matter who you called “mother“, this has held immense power over your development and choices throughout your entire life. At the same time it may not have been the feminine input and care that you needed and deserved. Whether through your mother’s absence, emotional distance, neglect or physical and emotional abuse, or other life circumstances, you may find yourself still feeling hurt and affected by her actions, or lack of them. This is often called the ‘Mother Wound’. 

This wound influences who you become, how you live and what you may bring into your relationships with partners, children and within yourself. Some of the signs that you may have been inflicted with this particular wound are feelings of worthlessness, a lack of safety and trust, lacking a clear vision for your life, persistent feelings of not being good enough and feeling separate from the world around you. What we needed as children wasn’t just unconditional love but we also needed guidance to get to know who we are and what we are made of.

This workshop is about beginning a reunion with your innermost self. It’s about connecting with the ancestral feminine and masculine and experiencing the profound relationship and effect this can have on your life now. Healing the mother wound is an undertaking of great courage and deep love. Allowing yourself to reclaim your lost feelings, permit yourself to grieve and surrender, and ultimately to forgive; so that you can move forward in your life in peace. It is often in daring to experience the very hurt that we run from, that we find the energy to grow and thrive, becoming stronger, happier and more compassionate.

When surviving is no longer enough for you and you are ready to thrive then this workshop may be for you.”

The workshop will include: 

  • Understanding the depth and impact of the mother wound
  • Opportunities for deep enquiry and exploration
  • Emotional processing using various cathartic approaches
  • Body based healing
  • Witnessing – to share your story and be seen, heard and validated within it
  • Powerful rituals supporting the emergence of the subconscious 
  • Healing power of safe and loving touch
  • How to move forward in your life through self mothering, integration and a return to wholeness.

We will be using a holistic approach incorporating cognitive understanding, emotional and physical release and spiritual integration. Working together in small intimate groups in a non residential setting. This is a group experience and there will be no 1:1 sessions, however you will receive plenty of focused attention to work specifically on your own wounding.

The sessions will include elements of family constellations, body based release, ritual, written and spoken expression, safe loving touch, visualisations and sharing. It will require courage and willingness to be vulnerable and ultimately surrender to your true self.

This workshop is open to all including those who have previously participated in The Bridge Retreat.

This 2 day Mother workshop will be held in Ardingly, West Sussex at the Koorana Centre and the dates are Saturday to Sunday, September 25/26th. The maximum group capacity will be 14 people, to ensure that you have a deep and intimate healing experience.

The price for participation in the 2 days is £650* (this does not include travel, food or accommodation – simply the highest standards of therapeutic facilitation and support). A £150 non refundable deposit is required to secure your place with the balance of £500 paid by no later than 30th July 2021. (if you are able to pay in full at point of booking, we would really appreciate this.)

To reserve your place:

Name: Donna Lancaster
Sort Code:
Account No: 23504760

IBAN: GB50LOYD30998500256754

Upon booking and in due course we will send you further details including recommended accommodation and travel details plus what to bring and how to prepare.

*Please be aware that we require a minimum number of 12 participants to be able to run this workshop so we advise you to NOT book any accommodation or travel until nearer the time when we confirm the workshop is to go ahead.

If you have any further questions, please email: [email protected]

We hope that you will join us.

In Love and Service

Donna & Gabi


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