Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing with Sandra

What is Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is not a magic fix where the therapist controls the client but a collaboration between therapist and client where they work together, discussing the presenting issue or issues and agree an active treatment plan. The client is not passive but actively involved and fully in control.

The client will gain a tool kit for whatever issues they present. They will learn essential skills in coping strategies, relaxation, self-hypnosis building up self-esteem and confidence. Allowing anything that is blocking them to be released and allowing them to move forward positively and free to live the life they want to live. 

Every session is personally tailored to suit each client. All the clients has to do is, want to change and is motivated to work towards agreed goals. 

What is Hypnobirthing? 

Hypnotherapy works brilliantly with childbirth, offering parents a positive birth experience. Using Hypnobirthing parents are put in control of the birth, the woman feels more relaxed and calmer and therefore can birth freely with trust in their bodies and its ability to birth. Mothers who take part in a Hypnobirthing course, or have one to one sessions, feel prepared to allow their bodies to birth confidently and look forward to the birthing process.

Here are a few testimonials from clients – 

Dental Phobia – ‘Having avoided dental visits for over 25 years… after only one session, I felt confident and positive, using all the strategies that Sandra had taught me, I emerged unscathed and proud of myself. These strategies have become part of my life as something I can use in times of stress.’ Sue H  

Trauma from a Stillbirth and Acceptance of the New Pregnancy. – ‘ I saw Sandra with the aim to create a positive separation between my new pregnancy and my previous one, which tragically ended when my baby was stillborn. Sandra supported me to find a way these two pregnancies were separate but beautifully connected. We worked on creating a calm state of mind and having a safe place during labour. ‘  Claudia S

Past Physical Trauma- ‘Only after working with Sandra did things make more sense and come together. I will always be hugely grateful to Sandra . She helped me find me again. 

Smoking Cessation – ‘ I visited Sandra after smoking for nearly half my life. I’d moved from cigarettes to vaping with many failed attempts at giving up both. After 2 sessions, one to help Sandra understand me personally and tailor my main session to me specifically and the second session for the main hypnosis input, I have not touched any nicotine product. The third session included in the price sealed it completely.’  Chris B 

From Sandra …

“Just had an email from one of my Hypnobirthing women. It was a first baby, from first contraction to the baby being born it took an hour and twenty-five minutes. Wonderful for a first baby! It was delivered at home by her partner. Both were calm and in control. They had ‘phoned the hospital but as the contractions were not painful and she sounded so relaxed they told her it would be hours yet before the baby was born and to stay at home! This often happens with Hypnobirthing women they are so calm that the midwives assume contractions have just started and usually they are fully dilated. So proud of this couple for using the videos I sent them and bringing their daughter into the world in a relaxed and beautiful way.”

For more information , a free ten minute consultation session, or to book a treatment session please call Sandra on 0774 202 3930 or email her at [email protected].

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