I Am Workshop with Johanna

A one-day workshop introducing “I AM…”

Exploring who you are as an energetic being, you will learn about your energy anatomy, including the connection between your chakras and your aura, with insights on how they all work together as one system, the principles of vibration and how to transform energy from a lower vibration into a higher vibration for greater health, happiness, and abundance in your life.

Modern day quantum physics describes an energy-based Universe that is intelligent and responsive to human intention. All point to the same conclusion… “I AM the Universe and the Universe is me”

Sharing tools and techniques, where you will feel and connect with energy fields and give some clear methods to take away that will make a tangible difference to your wellbeing.

  • “Feel” your energy through interactive exercises
  • Test your energy & understand what it is telling you
  • Learn how our thoughts impact our energy
  • Learn & practice energy clearing & grounding techniques
  • Learn how to protect your energy

No Experience Necessary – Excellent for Beginners and People working with energy at all levels.

Investment for the day: £50

For further information, contact me via email [email protected]


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