Julie Parker

Julie is a Pellowah Healing Technique Teacher/Facilitator at Pellowah Energy Healing, and a soul writer and Transformational Coach at Heart and Soul matters. Recently Julie returned to the UK to teach Pellowah: A high vibrational Energy Healing modality whose purpose is to Shift Consciousness on an individual level.

Raised in Australia and Papua New Guinea, Julie was introduced to “spirit” at a young age. A mother interested in Buddhism, Theosophy and all things esoteric, and an entrepreneurial father, made the bold decision to pack up 3 children and move to Papua New Guinea in the 1960’s. It marked the beginning of a life long romance with travel, understanding the human condition and the concept of Soul.

Julie has lived and worked all over the world as a corporate professional, Aid Worker and Energy Practitioner. The wealth of experience and education gained through her adventures has given her a unique understanding of the circumstances and challenges faced by people from all walks of life…

Her interest in “healing” from a “mind, body, spirit” perspective really began in childhood, and took hold in the late 1980’s. Along side a corporate career in the UK, she studied massage, aromatherapy and reiki. Followed quickly by crystal healing, colour therapy and life coaching.  NLP and Genome Healing were added once Julie moved from corporate to full time practise.

A believer in Universal Consciousness, Oneness and Love as our Divine purpose, Julie continues to expand her experiences, skills and knowledge – particularly in the area where Science meets Spirituality, and the new energies now available to us.

Julie feels compelled to bring Pellowah and the profound benefits of Pellowah Attunement to many as possible.

Website: www.pellowahenergyhealing.com

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 07389 197294

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