Lila Ramsahai

Ramsahai Wellbeing and its founder Lila Ramsahai have come a long way. Originally from South America, life wasn’t plain sailing for Lila. She immigrated to the Netherlands in her teens and is familiar with a multi-cultural, international and diverse life. It set her to pursue her career as a psychotherapist, existentialist, culturalist and life coach in the UK as a mature student.

Today, Lila is an established intercultural, existential psychotherapist and holistic life coach in Harley Street, London, where she feels honoured to be able to assist others in their personal journey. She has now joined the Koorana Centre in Ardingly too.

For three decades, Lila further immersed herself as a seeker of Truth through Advaita Vedanta, Mindfulness, Buddhism, Bhakti Yoga (devotional service) and Jnana Yoga (path of self-knowledge); these further enriched and enhanced her work with clients.

You will get the best of both worlds when working with Lila, an accredited Holistic life coach and psychotherapist. Due to it, she can offer a hybrid therapy approach where she can combine both when necessary. It will help you understand the root cause(s) of your issue(s) and explore how these can affect other areas in your life, such as work, love, relationships, physical health, purpose & meaning. As such, she offers a holistic approach to your wellness & wellbeing and perceives you as a whole being, not just somebody with an issue or problem.

What is existential counselling/therapy?

A unique form of psychotherapy, existential therapy explores distress and mental struggle from a different perspective, where emotional and psychological difficulties are viewed as an inner conflict caused by an individual’s confrontation with the ‘givens’ of existence. The ‘givens’ of existence are; death, freedom & responsibilities, existential isolation and meaninglessness. The ‘givens’ are an inescapable part of our existence in the world that lies deep in the subconscious of every human being. The extent to how ‘comfortable’ we are with these ‘givens’ will often determine our overall wellbeing in the here and now.

Email: [email protected] or call 07931 175510 for more info or booking.

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