Lila Ramsahai

Soul Transformation Therapist /Relationship Coach/Existential Therapist

Lila has been in the personal development or helping profession since 2003 and initially started as a psychotherapist in 2006. Although she still helps people with a wide range of existential issues working as a therapist and life coach at Ramsahai Wellbeing, she is thrilled to have added Blue Marsden’s Soul Transformation Therapy (STT) to her services. Lila offers STT now through the Simon Wellbeing Centre in Ardingly, West Sussex.

Before Lila’s journey into therapy and life coaching, she travelled and worked in various European countries at large corporations. As such, her core experiences and training are international, multicultural, diverse and holistic, which initially ignited her passion for understanding the human psyche, growth and potential in more depth.

Her psychological and holistic studies show that many of our issues lie deeper than our conscious level, into our subconscious or even soul level, so our core issues can often be hidden from our awareness- and yet impact the here and now. With her Soul Transformation Therapy, a powerful, transformative, healing modality, Lila will help you remove mental, emotional and soul-level blockages and stuck patterns. She will do this by using a deck of 22 Soul Transformation cards which will be influenced by the client’s subconscious mind. Lila will also use several interventions during the session, such as Soul Plan Trauma Release, Boundary Tapping and Archetype Energy Release (she will explain these during the session, or you can contact her for more info).

The Soul Transformation Therapy interventions work to heal at spiritual, emotional, body memory or even ancestral level and will make significant shifts to your body, mind and soul.

Email: [email protected] or call 07931 175510 for more info or booking.

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