Louise Kennedy

Louise Kennedy is a sound healer, voice magician, intuitive coach, author and opera singer, who has spent 50 years of her life on the path of alchemical transformation.

Her vocal journey started at 4 years of age leading to a 25 year career as an opera singer. She has performed leading roles with many major opera companies in the UK and many countries abroad. She has also run singing for fun groups and has taught singing.

Her spiritual journey began at the tender age of 18, when she trained to be a yoga and meditation teacher.  She also trained with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers in the UK and is an accredited Natural Success Intuitive Coach. Now at the tender age of 69 her passion has turned to vibration and frequency, combining her experience as a healer, guide, coach and singer to offer powerful voice sound healing sessions.

She is the author of ‘The Idiot’s Guide to Magic’ a step by step guide to creating magic in your life.

Louise’s Offerings:

Sing Your Heart Out, Heal Your Life

Whether you think you can or can’t sing, you can use your voice to bring healing, fun and joy into your own life.

In this workshop we will explore different ways to sing into your body which will: banish the fear of vocal expression, bring calmness, help to heal your body, mind and emotions, bring you into alignment and into your body, giving you the courage to speak your truth, a sense of freedom and a lot of fun!

The focus is on singing from your heart, using the energy of your heart centre and visualisation to transform your vocal experience.

Sound Healing

After a brief introduction to vibration and frequency, you will be immersed in the power of Louise’s strong and unique voice, and guided to connect with each energy centre, bathing in the frequency of each one.

You will be invited to lay down and let the relaxing music and vocal sounds enter your body. All you need to do is choose to relax and you will find yourself receiving a powerful upgrade.

Sound is the basis of all life and creation and this experience will recalibrate your energy frequencies at a cellular level bringing a sense of calm, expansion and a connection to the divine.

This is a deep healing session for your body, mind and emotions.

Your Journey to One-ness

Are you disgruntled with your life?

Stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy?

Do you believe you could achieve more?

Louise will take you on the most important journey you could ever take – the journey to one-ness.

This is an individual coaching programme.

 Email Louise for more details: [email protected]  or call: 07377 591974

Dates soon coming up at the Simon Wellbeing Centre, please enquire.

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