Cindy began her spiritual path after the passing of her daughter to cancer some 11 years ago, looking for answers she began to follow a spiritual route and has been involved with trance, meditation and spiritual circles with well respected local mediums for the last 10 years. Cindy has also attended courses and workshops, and mentorship classes with Tony Stockwell, Scott Milligan and Lynn Probert during this time. Cindy then specialised in Tarot in 2015 and has completed in depth courses in addition to this.

Cindy believes using the Tarot helps unravel problems and challenges, can confirm decisions in all areas of modern life, giving evidence of past, present and future.  Very often the answers are at our fingertips, for hundreds of years the Tarot has been used to make sense of life and offer reassurance. A Tarot reading will leave you with a better understanding and a more positive outlook concerning what is given to each of us in life.  As a qualified Tarot reader Cindy offers one to one readings either here in the beautiful surrounding of the Koorana Centre or in your own home.  Readings last approximately one hour.  The cost is £25 to members and £30 to non members. Please call Cindy on  075000 46999 to make an appointment for a reading.


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