As a professional therapist and practitioner, Wendy supports women under pressure. She provides women who are experiencing the “swan syndrome” of appearing to be serene and coping on the surface, but paddling like mad underneath, with a calm and nurturing space to feel listened to, acknowledged and to have a confidential meltdown if needed!
She is a woman of experience when it comes to dealing with the stress that she has experienced in her own life. From a demanding career in the financial services industry that required frequent travel and training, to coping with suddenly becoming a single-parent of two lovely sons, one of whom has Autism, she has been gifted with an innate understanding of the pressures of today’s women.

As her experiences took a toll on her health and well-being Wendy went on a mission to discover how she could self-care and maintain her self confidence during testing times.

Now Wendy is a huge advocate of complementary therapies and, having re-trained nearly 15 years ago, she uses these as tools to help relieve the pressure on other women. She provides a variety of therapies in the Koorana Natural Therapy Rooms including massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, Reiki, Angelic Reiki and baby massage.

She has a unique combination of hands-on skills and training and coaching experience enabling her to provide a completely holistic and bespoke approach for her clients.

One of Wendy’s passions is teaching, so she has set up Wholistic Women’s Workshops to give her the opportunity to share her enthusiasm for whole-holistic therapies (a range of holistic therapies to help the whole person) with people who want to learn more.

To book a session with Wendy please email [email protected] or call her on 01444 443876.
Wendy also supports Gabrielle in a variety of ways and looks after the financial side of the Koorana Centre. She liaises with all the members and hirers to ensure they receive maximum support.

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