Theta Healing ® is a healing method founded by Vianna Stibal that involves working with a powerful set of techniques to change any limiting feelings and beliefs in your unconscious mind that may be holding you back your in career, relationships, health and more.   

As a practitioner, Anna has been trained to enter a theta brainwave state,  where she is able to identify blocks and then ask for and observe the healing taking place. This is done on the level of quantum physics and it is where science and spirituality are now inextricably linked. So while Theta Healing™ is not based on any religion, it is based on an acceptance that there s a higher Divine energy (often referred to as God, Creator or Source).

Out-dated, unconscious beliefs that may be preventing you from moving forward, such as: 

  • Life is a struggle
  • I am unworthy
  • I am alone
  • I will never have money

Can be replaced with ones which support you in creating and living your dreams, such as:

  • Life is easy
  • I deserve success
  • I am lovable
  • I deserve to be wealthy

Theta Healing ® very often uses muscle testing which works best when you are fully hydrated so do your best to drink plenty of water before a session.

Please note that Anna works uniquely with each client and often uses Theta Healing in conjunction with an Angel Reading depending on whatever she is guided to do to assist you.

Anna Grace Taylor is a Theta Healer and will often use this healing technique in a session as well as the heart opening energy boosts from the Divine Feminine group of beings that work through her. Please refer to her Angel Readings page also

Please contact Anna Grace Taylor by email [email protected]

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