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Mother Earth, how to connect to her for healing by Bleau
Known as Mother Earth, Mother Gaia, Mother Goddess, Great Mother, Earth Mother. However we wish to call her, we can all agree that we depend on her and the elements she embodies for providing us with the life force we need to survive.

The air she produces for us to breathe and rejuvenate our cells
The pure waters which quench our thirst and cleanse
The variety of foods she nourishes us with, providing the nutrients we need to be healthy
The warmth of the sun that when it shines, never ceases to bring a smile upon one’s face

We should thank her for these elements by offering up gratitude and unconditional love, just as she offers us. She is constant and always there.                                       

I suppose that is why I love her so much, for she can always be relied upon for healing and support aside from providing me with my basic human needs.
In a society which at times can be challenging to live in – especially for those of us sensitive to energies, I find Mother Earth always provides me with the peace and tranquillity I need. I find solace and stillness in nature. Clarity and letting go in waters. Safety in arms of trees. Joy in the sun, and an expansion, a sense of freedom, in open land and air. Not to mention a sense of grounding which is so important. I am sure many of you reading this shall agree how important it is for people to connect with Mother Earth. I think our society would be happier and more balanced, if every day they had time to connect.

It does something magical to us, almost invisible to the eye. From my own experiences, when I might have felt out of balance, nature never fails to restore me. There are many ways we can connect to Mother Earth’s healing energies. Standing barefoot on the grass. Walking amongst trees. Sitting in a meadow of wildflowers or gardening. They all bring healing and I personally connect in a variety of ways.                                     

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by nature and animals and connect to Mother Earth regularly. I also spend regular time on Dartmoor. It is one of my favourite places for connecting to nature. There are so many places of pure energy there which feel untouched and two ways in which I particularly love to connect when I am there. I love water and can spend hours just sitting and being with a river, captivated and mesmerized by the continual movement. I feel soothed by its ebb and flow, empowered by its own power and healed by its sounds which take me off into worlds. I am rejuvenated by gazing at it, cupping tea, or depending on the time of year, allowing my feet or hands to immerse themselves. I brave it occasionally for wild swims which is invigorating, especially when that tea is on the go soon after! (I personally make mine with the river water. There is nothing quite like it)

I am known in my circle of friends to be a bit of a moss lover too and Dartmoor has such a wide variety, that I am simply put, in “moss heaven”! They are known to grow in areas where the air is very pure. Another reason why I think I feel so restored and healed by them. I love connecting with earth energy through moss whether growing out of trees, rocks or deep amongst the river. They are so delicate and depending what mossy areas you find, you will see they hold worlds within worlds and are fascinating. If growing from trees or rocks, when one connects to them, they are a great source of grounding too.

I am a tree lover like so many, so finding one covered in moss is an absolute treat, especially if I can wrap my arms around it and sink my cheeks into its spongy coolness. But if not hugging a mossy tree, simply touching moss with my fingers, I can feel its energy and a subtle tingling in my fingertips, just as one feels when healing. In these moments and all moments when connecting with Mother Earth, I truly believe a healing exchange is taking place just as it does when one connects to source, for is it not source also?

However you choose to connect to Mother Earth, please continue and enjoy exploring other ways too. I hope it brings you as much peace as it does me and may we spread the word so that we can inspire others to share in the pure healing magic nature brings. I know she smiles for us loving and appreciating her.

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