Have you booked your August taster sessions for our Live Well Programme for Kids & Teens yet?
Have you booked your August taster sessions for our Live Well Programme for Kids & Teens yet?

Gabrielle Anya Rafello

Gabrielle teaches the Discover Your Magic programme. This includes training in vibrational medicine and other healing modalities online and in person. She is the founder and director of the Koorana Centre and loves to create spaces where people thrive. She is also a writer and mentor.

In 2021 she is leading the new collection of Live Well programmes running at the centre, which include the 4-week course to support adults with positive mental and emotional health,  taster activities for sensitive children and young people in advance of the full programme launch in the Autumn and the Live Well programme for women experiencing mid life changes. 

Training and mentoring

Gabrielle provides workshops in Reiki, Angelic Reiki and ‘Energy Harmonisation’. The latter is a powerful Vibrational Medicine system that helps people to stay in balance energetically. With this training they can enjoy greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.  As a result they feel happier and have a greater feeling of optimism. 

Vibrational medicine

Vibrational medicine can help people from all walks of life. Many of Gabrielle’s students work in educational environments. Because Gabrielle is so passionate about supporting the younger generation, she supports a lot of parents, carers and teachers of sensitive children and young people.

Energy Harmonisation works by releasing blocks and uncomfortable patterns and emotions, without creating further trauma. It raises the vibrational frequency of the individual. Animals and spaces can benefit too. It combines dowsing with colour therapy, crystals and powerful light codes to be a transformational healing modality for this modern time. 

Clients and students

Gabrielle supports a large number of therapists and care givers.  She also works with those who are highly sensitive in nature and need to feel stronger. 

To enquire about her activities please visit the relevant pages on this website, telephone +44 (0)791 372 4183 or you can email [email protected]. Visit her website at www.gabrielleanyarafello.com.

https://www.thekooranacentre.com/energy-harmonisation-level-one-workshop/ Energy Harmonisation

https://www.thekooranacentre.com/angelic-reiki-with-gabrielle/ Angelic Reiki

The Koorana Centre

Gabrielle established the Koorana Centre in 2012. It provides a tranquil, safe and welcoming environment where she and other members provide many holistic services.  Her members hire the rooms to offer classes, workshops and therapies. Visitors say how special the energy feels, because it is a space where they can truly feel at home.

In the past nine years Gabrielle has organised numerous Vitality Days, Wellbeing Markets, Corporate Wellbeing Experiences, meditation groups and creative workshops. She is Chair of the Koorana Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation which supports families and community initiatives.

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