Gabrielle Anya Rafello

Gabrielle Anya Rafello is an experienced spiritual healer, artist, mentor, and specialist in vibrational medicine. She has taught a variety of personal development programmes and healing modalities since 2008, and ran her own health and wellbeing centre in the UK for 11 years through to 2022. Since 2019, she has been developing her Energy Harmonisation programme.

Training in Energy Harmonisation

Energy Harmonisation is a highly effective energy modality that combines pendulum dowsing with colour and crystals for the purposes of healing and transformation, and raising the vibrational frequencies for people, animals, and spaces. Gabrielle provides the foundation level training in-person online. Details can be found here:

Koorana Wellbeing

Gabrielle created Koorana Wellbeing in 2022 and is passionate about creating environments where people can thrive. The name ‘Koorana’ comes from an aboriginal term and means ‘to bring forward the children’. With a keen interest in helping young people learn holistic ways to stay in balance, both mentally and emotionally, Gabrielle often supports those who have a responsibility for the welfare of children and teens.

Please visit the website

Mentoring and Healing

In addition to the training, Gabrielle provides one-to-one mentoring which is tailor made for each individual.

It can include Quantum Psionics, Energy Harmonisation, Angelic Reiki, Pellowah, and space clearing.

Specialist support can be provided for couples preparing for pregnancy and IVF treatment.

These healing systems seek to:

Resolve health issues, stress, and low energy.

Clear blockages and negative emotions.

Release limiting beliefs and attachments.

Create happier and healthier relationships.

Promote vitality, harmony, and well-being.

Increase awareness and expand consciousness.

Strengthen intuition and connection.


Online training and support are provided worldwide. For more information please email Gabrielle at [email protected].

You can find out more about Gabrielle in a recent interview for MysticMag:

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